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We are an Australian website design business based in Melbourne, that develops Web Solutions that will be Positive for your Business or Hobby. Whether you need a basic 5 page website, a online shop, or improve the SEO/Google rankings for your website, Positive Web Solutions is here to help at a competitive rate.


"We are an Australian business that strives to improve your business. Everything from a new or improved website, Higher Google Rankings and Improved SEO, create your online store, custom reports and/or develop custom applications that improve your business"


New/Updated Website or Online Store
We can help create your business a new website or update your existing website. Whether it is a small one page website or a online store ecommerce solution, we can cover it all.
SEO and Google Ranking
Having a ranking on Google and other search engines is invaluable. There are potential customers that are trying to find you. We can help improve your SEO rankings so potential customers can easily find you through Google and other search engines.
Web Security
We can help audit your website and make it secure. If your website is unfortunately hacked, Positive Web Solutions can repair it, secure it and make it safe again.
Social Media
Australians spend countless hours on social media whether it be Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. According to Alexa, social media websites are some of the most visited websites in Australia and the world. Positive Web Solutions can help you get established and get connected on Social Media.
Connecting Systems
We can help integrate your systems and cut your workload.
Custom Windows Applications and Reporting
We can create a custom system for you to help enhance your business and we can build you custom reports.


There are many IT/website tips, news and scams that you need to be aware of. Positive Web Solutions is proud to be able to provide you this information for free, in an easy to understand format.

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Beware Public Wi-Fi Internet

By Positive Web Solutions | March 26, 2021

Many public places allow free Internet Wi-Fi access. These include airports, hotels, libraries, bookstores, shopping centres and various restaurants. These networks are not secure and there is a very high risk of getting hacked. Malware is software that criminals use to gain access to your devices. Unsecure public Wi-Fi networks provide a gateway for hackers…

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Fake Invoices or Request for Payment Emails

By Positive Web Solutions | March 18, 2021

Another fake email that is doing the rounds is a request for payment. Sometimes these emails are hard to spot as they are from a known supplier but come through unexpectedly. Other times they are easy to spot as they are from an unknown supplier. If in any doubt do not open the attached document…

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Fake Facebook Identity Request Email

By Positive Web Solutions | March 18, 2021

There is a number of fake emails claiming to be from Facebook asking to verify your identify by sending them your identity documents. In them emails they may ask you to upload your drivers license or passport else Facebook will disable your account. Never click on the links as these emails have been designed to…

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Spam SEO/Google rankings emails

By Positive Web Solutions | April 12, 2019

Beware of spam SEO/Google rankings emails that don’t come from legitimate businesses. In these unsolicited emails the person/company offers to improve your Google business ranking. Yet they don’t list a legitimate business name. But you have to ask yourself if they are so good at improving Google rankings, why aren’t they even listed on Google!…

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Gift Card Scam

By Positive Web Solutions | April 7, 2019

Scammers pretending to be government agencies are asking you to urgently purchase gift cards such as Itunes to pay for bills, taxes and outstanding debts they will claim that you have. No government department, agency or business would use gift cards to demand any payment. Contact the ATO on the following details if you think…

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ATO Phone Call/Email Scam

By Positive Web Solutions | March 7, 2019

Beware about phone scams both landline and mobile phone, where people call you claiming that they are from ATO (Australian Taxation Office) asking for your personal details. Some of the ways to spot a potential ATO scam call are: refuse to allow you to speak with a trusted advisor or your regular tax agent is…

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How to prevent a missed phone call scam

By Positive Web Solutions | March 13, 2018

How the scam operates One of the latest scams that is occurring is a missed phone call scam. Australians are receiving missed calls from international or 19/1900 numbers. The incoming call just rings once and then suddenly stops. Unknown to the missed call recipient, the call comes from a premium phone number. If this call…

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How to spot a Fake Email

By Positive Web Solutions | February 5, 2018

It is important to be able to spot the difference between a fake email and a genuine email. Fake emails may be trying to direct you to an infectious website, trick you into providing personal information or contain attachments that can infect your device. One sign of a fake email is the way an email is…

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Beware of Fake Android Applications

By Positive Web Solutions | January 5, 2018

Security researchers have discovered fake Android applications on various internet websites. One such application is a fake Uber. It appears genuine by connecting to the real Uber application. The customer usernames and passwords that is typed in to the fake application is at a risk of being stolen. As a result, the best way for…

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Tips for Disposing of Old Phones

By Positive Web Solutions | January 5, 2018

Here are some handy security tips for those who are giving away their old phone: Back up your phone Remove the SIM card Remove external storage cards Erase/reset: perform a factory reset to erase all content from your phone

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